Gallery 1:

Paintings and drawings


It’s a joy when you can combine two passions -  in my case painting and food culture. Cooking is as much an act of creativity as painting is. Whenever I travel, food and local markets are a big draw; there is such diversity and beauty in the gastronomic world and I am overwhelmed by the vast array of edible subjects I would love to paint.

Oils are the primary medium in these paintings as I find their sensuous, buttery consistency well suited to the subject. I have also been working with acrylics which lend themselves to more defined textured brushwork. I try to create vital, engaging, warm images, using a painterly, impressionistic approach. While my paintings are representational, I strive to create life and looseness in the brushwork with strong graphic compositions. I hope to engage people and affirm how much food is part of our love of life, and how it defines our cultures and brings us together. I want to touch kindred spirits, and celebrate this fundamental, diverse and joyous part of living.

If you are interested in any of the paintings, please contact me to request information and prices.